Today we’re doing something a little different, we’re unboxing a helmetThe Unit 1 FARO

The Unit 1 FARO began life on Kickstarter back in 2021, and since shipping began it’s received rave reviews from users for its sleek urban design, as well as from cycling enthusiasts.

But this is not just a bike helmet for cyclists; it’s actually stylish enough and it has built-in front and back lights, so you can use this on any type of Micromobility – even electric scooters.

Let’s get it open.

What’s in the Box?

We’re going to start with the smallest one first: the Solar E1.

OK, so inside the box is another box containing the FARO helmet, and a little box containing the turn signals device and stop lights system.

The Helmet

Straight off the bat, you can see the built-in lights – the front lighting system (at the front), and the backlighting system (obviously at the back). All of this is controlled via a companion app.

You’ve got the USB-C charging port tucked under the back of the Unit 1 FARO helmet – and now that Apple iPhones are switching over to this type of charging, everyone should have one of these chargers readily available.

Check out the Unit 1 FARO Helmet

The Lights

The built-in headlight on the front actually provides the most benefit to electric scooter riders. That’s because predominantly more scooters have lights at the bottom and nothing else really higher up.

And if you have a taller frame, like Ramier, when you’re riding at night people see the lights on the scooter, but they don’t actually see the person, the body, riding the scooter.

So having a light way up on your head is a good indication to let other road users know you’re there – and even better, with a light on both the front and the back of the helmet, you’re well lit up on the road!

Turn Signals

The Unit 1 FARO helmet is available with turn signals too. That’s because some scooters, even high-end scooters, don’t have turn signals. So, if your micromobility vehicle doesn’t have turn indicators, this helmet is a plus, because you can indicate to other road users your intention to turn, without having to let go of the handlebars.

While there are other helmets on the market where you activate the turn lights on the helmet by waving your head around, having a dedicated button that you can press to trigger the right turn signal and left is, in our opinion, amazing.


It’s worth mentioning though that while the front and rear lights are built into the helmet, the turn signals are actually an add-on. The reason is that when Unit 1 was developing this helmet, they surveyed their users and half the people said they didn’t need this turn signals feature and wouldn’t use it on a helmet.

But for the rest of the users who do want and need turn signals, they made a $29 add-on.

Connecting the Turn Signals

To connect the turn signals add-on feature to the helmet, simply pop the box open, take out the device, press the button on the device for a few seconds to activate the turn signals on your helmet, wait for the green light to come on, and then you pair the device with your helmet.

There you have it – turn signals on your helmet controlled by a device you can attach to the handlebars of your scooter.

The Companion App

Unit 1 FARO have a companion app that you can download to customize the LED lights within your helmet – there’s so many things you can do to make the helmet uniquely your own.

Not only does the app control the customizable LED lights, but you can program it to be an emergency contact in case you crash and become unresponsive. The helmet will actually call out and say, ‘hey this person needs help’.

Hopefully, nobody will have to use that, but it’s a great addition to have.

Learn More About the Unit 1 FARO Helmet

The Specs

You can order the Unit 1 FARO for $189 from the Kickstarter page. If you want the navigation remote for turn signals and brake lights, that kicks the price up to $218.

Yes, it seems like a lot of money for a helmet, but it’s actually not that expensive even combined with the cost of a premium electric scooter – this commuter option is still a lot less money than a car.

Plus, if a scooter is your primary vehicle you’ll want to take every opportunity you can to stay safe and protect your best asset – your brain.

A few specs for the Unit 1 faro helmet:

  • IPX6 water-resistant rating
  • Gets Fully charged in 3 hours
  • Stays charged for about 10 hours
  • USB C port charger
  • Remote control
  • The helmet closes with a magnetic buckle

Compared to other smart helmets on the market like the Livall Evo 21, and the Lumos Matrix, for example, The Unit 1 actually looks pretty sleek and, well, pretty. We believe it will make anyone look good on a scooter!

This helmet looks good, works well, and for any scooter rider out there – safety is number one, so having the best helmet should be your number one priority. Therefore having a smart helmet like the Unit 1 FARO, is the right choice.

Get Your Hands on the Unit 1 FARO Today

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