Yinke i7: Beast or Superbeast?

When Electric Scooter Guide coined the term “beast scooters” to describe the biggest, baddest two-wheeled machines that came our way, the category did not yet include a scooter with 3000 watts of power, a 72 volt system, 40Ah 21700 battery, dual 55A sine wave controllers, and 12-inch tubeless tires. 

But maybe scooter brand Yinke is angling to create something altogether new with the i7, a “superbeast” scooter, with all the above specs plus much more. Swappable battery that doubles as a light and power bank for camping? Check. 3.5-inch TFT display? Yes. Motorcycle grade suspension? Uh-huh.

A New Company Making a Great First Impression

We previously met Yinke – a new electric scooter manufacturer and one to watch – a few months back with the release of their i5, a cool-looking scooter with loads of exceptional features, fantastic build, and a perfectly calibrated suspension for heavier riders (despite its short-ish deck). 

The i5 we rode was impressive. As fast as beasts like the 72V Dualtron Storm, hitting 15 mph in 2.1 seconds, it also maintained a higher top speed during its full range test than the Kaabo Wolf King GT (20 mph vs 19.8 mph). 

Other specs on the i5 we tested were consistent with the best light-heavyweight scooters in its class. Standout numbers like those above led our expert reviewer Paul to call the Yinke i5 a “show ‘em what you got” scooter, at least in the 60V premium version we rode, which sells for a little over $2000 – half the price of the bigger, meaner i7.

The i7: a BURN-E and Wolf King Killer?

Now that the i7 has arrived, what this “we mean business” brand has in store might be way too much to handle for casual riders!

It’s unclear if there will be different options for the battery size and manufacturer, as with the i5; it seems the i7 specs are the same for all preorders.

The dual stem i7 has a beast of a frame – very reminiscent of the Nami  BURN-E series with its welded cage around the battery. Unlike the BURN-E’s steel frame, the i7 uses aluminum in its build, which otherwise resembles a much beefier Wolf Warrior X GT. 

If the i7 comes even close to the manufacturer’s claimed top speed and range numbers, its looks and ride quality might be where comparisons with similar-looking scooters end. Yinke claims the i7 will travel at speeds of over 60 mph and get up to 124 miles of range. 

Those would be record-setting numbers, if obtainable. If they’re a bit hard to believe, we think the proof of the i5’s excellence already shows Yinke’s commitment to making premium quality electric scooters that exceed expectations. 

Of course, all top speed and range numbers provided by manufacturers are the most optimistic estimates under the most ideal conditions. In the real world, we’ll report on how the i7 performs when we get our hands on one.

We can hardly wait. This thing looks seriously badass and just a little intimidating….!

Preorders are now available for either a small deposit of $100 or the full price of $3,999. The i7 is expected to start shipping at the end of June. 

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