Minimotors Dualtron Storm: Masterpiece of Mayhem Not for the Faint of Heart

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In its fourth generation, the Minimotors Dualtron Storm is a masterpiece of mayhem, delivering head-snapping acceleration in a stunningly built design. With a removable battery, roaring dual motors, and eye-catching lights, don’t expect any calm riding this  Storm. 

This Dualtron Does Not Disappoint

Since MiniMotors released the world’s first dual motor electric scooter in 2015, Dualtron has become known for breathtaking acceleration, and each generation of scooters has gotten a little crazier. 

The newest 72V Dualtron Storm does not disappoint. This $4,490, 6640 w  masterpiece of mayhem comes packed with some first-ever features (we’ll give you a preview of those later).

With the Storm, it’s not really the features that stay with you, but rather how this scooter makes you feel. If you remember your first ride on a dual motor scooter, then you know what I mean. To put it bluntly, in full boogie mode, the Dualtron Storm is startlingly quick, and really not for the faint of heart. 

The Storm Is Ready to Reign the Roads

Power delivery on the Storm is straight-up brutal. 

Riding with its stock p-settings, the Storm’s front tire skips and spins against the pavement, only gaining purchase to accelerate forward after a few midair rotations. 

Fortunately, the Storm has an Eco mode; although you’ll still burn out, Eco mode provides a slightly more manageable giddyup off the starting line. Basically, from the button console, the two modes you can access are fast (Eco) and stupid fast (Turbo). 

Additionally, you can shift gears using the EY3 throttle. It’s not hard to get the Storm to behave itself, but riding in gear 1 or gear 2 makes it feel like we’ve removed a small piece of this scooter’s soul.  

One feature we immediately noticed is that no matter what mode you’re in, both motors are always engaged. In other words, there is no way to put the Storm into single motor mode, as with some other dual-motor scooters. However, this is actually a benefit, as 72V scooters are known for burning up motors and controllers when run in single-motor mode. Running dual motors all the time, you can hear the Storm coming before it arrives.

At its very loudest, it’s a little bit like riding a table saw covered in grip tape.

The ruckus is due to a combination of motor noise and the Storm’s somewhat creaky stem, a nuisance Dualtrons are known for. Another feature that Dualtrons are also known for is swaggy, awesome lighting. 

All Dualtrons Have Lights, But the Storm Brings the Lightning

If the sound of the Storm doesn’t make everyone stop and look, the lights certainly will.

Dualtron’s signature remote-controlled stem lights are always eye-catching, but they didn’t stop at the stem; that’s just the beginning. Minimotors has taken it over the top, equipping the Storm with deck lights, hollow swingarms lit from within, and under-deck lights that let the Storm mark its territory, projecting “Dualtron” on the ground wherever it goes. 

The lighting package gives the Storm serious street cred right out of the box, and amps up the high-end feel of this already well-appointed scooter. Another signature feature that makes the Storm feel worthy of its premium price is its legendary rubber suspension.

The Storm’s Suspension Is Tuned for Heavy Riders

Most high-performance electric scooters use spring suspension systems. The elastomeric suspension on the Storm is something we have come to love about Dualtrons ⏤ but in this case it’s very tall, and very stiff. However, this configuration matches the Storm’s overall intensity. 

In other words, the faster you go, the harder you ride, and the bigger you are, the better the suspension and the whole rest of this scooter seems to work. The Storm’s dual suspension is set up well for heavier riders over 200 lb, as it’s a bit too firm for lighter riders. 

We recommend turning down the suspension by one notch, and replacing the stock cartridges with softer cartridges, if you’re under 200 lb. 

What to Expect from the Storm

Whatever mode you like to ride in, if you’re a fan of in your face, punchy acceleration, the Dualtron Storm is probably the dual motor scooter for you. Not only does it pack serious power, it’s also got the largest capacity removable battery of any electric scooter in the industry (more on that to come). 

With adrenaline-pumping speed, a satisfying ride, and eye-catching design, the Storm is coming, and it’s coming out the gate with awesome built-in features tuned for hardcore riders.  

We’ll reveal how well the Dualtron Storm performs in our full written and video reviews.

The Minimotors Dualtron Storm is available in United States from VORO Motors.
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