All right, so today we’re unboxing the Hiboy KS4 Pro and to say we’re a little excited is an understatement.

That’s because the only Hiboy we’ve reviewed before was the S2, which gives you great bang for your buck, so we can’t wait to see what’s inside this box!

Inside the Box of the Hiboy KS4 Pro

This KS4 Pro is black, whereas our Hiboy S2 is kind of gray – side note, we kinda like this black one better…

Now, the KS4 Pro retails for about $700 but they do have a KS4 base model that’s about $100 cheaper, if your budget is limited.

What’s the difference between the two variants? Well, this one’s got the bigger motor at 500 watts and a bigger battery, whereas the base model is 350 watts.

This unit comes with a 2 amp charger which is nice – it’s on the larger side and/or the faster side of most of the chargers that we see, which range from 1.5 to 2 amps.

Finally, you’ve also got the manual and the tools for putting the e-scooter together, so let’s let’s put it together!

First Impressions

The display is incredibly cool, with some bright colors. The scooter has a thumb throttle and just one brake lever for controlling the regen front and rear disc.

It’s got 10.0 inch solid tires that look quite a bit wider than the tires on the S2 – we are excited to try these out and see how they feel!

We love the look of the rubber deck too; they’ve got some new stuff going on here with a black rubber grip and a really nice pattern.

Finally, it looks like it’s got suspension on the back but right now, straight out of the box, it feels really stiff, so we’ll have to see how that feels out on the road.

We can’t wait to get this charged up and go test it!

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