The Most Expensive Electric Scooters

This is the beast electric scooter category–one for racers and luxury scooter enthusiasts. These are electric scooters for people that want to stand out. They are not the scooters you see cruising down the streets or even randomly parked outside. But when you do get close to one, you’ll know you’re in the presence of greatness.

Beast scooters go beyond a reliable build and a basic feature set.​​ The expectation is for these scooters to be the very best at everything.​​ They have the highest top speeds, the longest ranges, the best acceleration, impeccable hill climbing, good braking (but not the best, since weight plays a bit of a role), incredible lighting packages, and impressive shock absorption.

Not every brand has mastered the art of designing and producing beast scooters. In fact, from our database of tested scooters, only Minimotors with their Dualtrons, NAMI, and Vsett make the cut. We, however, acknowledge other brands like WEPED, Rion, and Hollyburn, whose scooters we are yet to test but have the markings of super performers.

More recently, we’ve seen big brands like Apollo, and Segway dips their toes in the extreme scooter sandbox and expect to see bigger things from them. The Segway GT2 and Apollo Pro 2023 are certainly first steps in the right direction. That said, all the scooters on our list cost upwards of $4000, meaning our two flagship scooters did not qualify.

In this article, we’ll highlight why people go for these insanely expensive scooters over motorcycles or regular scooters. We’ll also tell you what to expect from said scooters before diving into a summary of our 5 most expensive scooters, as tested by Rider Guide.

Why Do People Buy Expensive Scooters?

Why do people buy Ferraris or Lamborghinis? Why do rare Birkin and Chanel bags sell out despite their ridiculous prices? Why are people lining up at the Apple store for the newest iPhone or Macbook despite there being cheaper and equally reliable devices on the market? 

People buy luxury goods primarily for the prestige and status associated with owning such goods. These and other luxury goods cost a significant chunk of change. And for those in the know, the products become a symbol of authenticity, a celebration of that particular craft, or simply become an investment.

That said, here are 5 reasons we singled out for people wanting the most expensive electric scooters:

Exclusivity and Prestige

A beast scooter is a status symbol. Alongside any ol’ regular scooter, there’s no comparing the kind of presence beast scooters command. These scooters are visibly larger, the materials used are of higher quality (no cheap plastics), and there’s an elegance to their design that screams exclusive.

They are not produced in the thousands; in fact, two of our picks are limited editions, i.e., the Dualtron Storm Limited and the Dualtron X Limited. And even outside of the manufacturer’s limited stock, the price itself is quite intimidating to the majority–all our picks cost $4000+.

Therefore, beast scooters make an excellent acquisition for people seeking a certain status or luxury shoppers.


Beast scooters are also referred to as race scooters. Most viral electric scooter videos you’ll come across will feature a beast scooter. This is because beast scooters have insane performance–most will accelerate from 0-30 mph in under 5 seconds

We’ve tested the top speeds, and they all go faster than 55 mph, which on an e-scooter is a whole lot faster than it sounds. And, they have impressively large batteries that can power them through long voyages or lengthy stunt sessions. These beast scooters are also very aggressive on hills, which makes for quite the adrenaline rush.


Any scooter above the $2000 mark should bear uncompromised quality. The design should be super solid, the material used in construction should be top-tier, the parts should be from renowned brands, and the final product should be built like a tank. Simply put, excellent build quality for a $4000 price tag is sort of a no-brainer, and that’s what you get with our 5 most expensive e-scooters.


Beast scooters are as reliable as electric scooters get. They go fast when you need them to, they go as far as you desire, the braking systems are robust, and the rides are comfortable. They are designed to keep going and not get slowed down by potholes or corners, and the average speed on the range tests show–it was about 20 mph for each of our 5 scooters. Most do not come with an IP rating, and you do not want to be riding as fast in the rain anyway–that’s a recipe for disaster. But day or night, you will hear them coming, and more importantly, you will see them coming.

Collectors' Gems

There are people that want one of everything–a fleet. At the lower end of the market, that would be insane since there is so much variety, and some of them are not worth having in the first place–check out our selection of the best, cheapest electric scooters on the market.

However, as electric scooters get more expensive, the game gets more interesting. You can have a fleet of Dualtron Beasts or have a different beast for a different mood. A NAMI when you’re feeling exotic, Dualtrons for a night ride (they’re lit!), or the Vsett 11 Super 72 for a pop of color. This way, you can also have a fair race with your friends when they come over.

What to Expect From a Super Expensive Scooter

Beginner riders should not toy with beast electric scooters. In fact, anyone with entry-level to intermediate skills should steer clear of this class of scooters. They are powerful, and they tend to be quite aggressive. Build up your skill level with lower-priced scooters, and work your way up so it’s less intimidating when you get behind the bars on these powerful scooters. On the other hand, pro riders will die for the level of thrill you get from one of these powered scooters, and that’s exactly who they’re built for.

Here is what to expect from a beast scooter:

  • The first qualifying factor is the price–all our scooters cost more than $4000. If you’re interested in extreme-performance scooters costing less than $4000, check out this article.
  • The motors are rated for a nominal power of 3000 w all the way to 6720 w on the Dualtron X Limited. However, some of our picks have boost mode that temporarily gives a surge in peak power.
  • The average max rider weight limit on most of these scooters is 300 lbs–therefore, all are big-dawg approved.
  • The range varies by rider weight, track condition, and riding style. However, they are all equipped with large batteries that power them through 40+ miles of range.
  • Expects speeds of over 55 mph, with the reigning speed champ going as fast as 61.7 mph.
  • The braking on these scooters is world-class, which is what we say of scooters that stop in under 11 ft from a speed of 15 mph.
  • The scooters are each equipped with a large set of tires–the (almost) standard size is 11 inches by 3.5 inches. But we have one outlier, which we’ll mention as we delve deeper into the specs. However, they are all air-filled tires to guarantee good ride quality.
  • Shocks are standard at this price. Different brands go for different suspension setups. But the typical ones seem to be adjustable rubber cartridges, full hydraulic setups, or a mix of the two.
  • They also have full lighting profiles consisting of headlights, turn signals, braking lights, tail lights, and sometimes swag lights to ensure that the scooter remains visible to other road users and guarantee road visibility for the rider.
  • Aggressive riding requires massive deskspace to allow proper foot steering. The decks on these scooters are all optimally sized, even for riders with large feet.
  • Only the NAMI BURN-E has an IP rating. Dualtrons classically don’t have an IP rating, and the Vsett 11s are not IP rated either.
  • They all weigh over 100 lbs, and they are not at all portable.

Summary of the 5 Most Expensive Scooters

Dualtron Thunder II
Most Bang for Your Back 😁 (Perfomance is Still on Trend With Others)
Vsett 11+ Super 72
Best handling and Top-notch Ride Quality
Crazy Torque and Acceleration
Dualtron Storm Limited
Mighty Runner-Up
Dualtron X Limited
Longest range, Highest top speed- Overall masterpiece

What are the Most Expensive Electric Scooters?

The Genesis Beast
Thunder II - $4299
Air 2022Air 2023
One of the Longest Range Of All The Scooters We've Tested
One-Of-A-Kind Flat-Proof Tires
A Lot Of Swag
Adrenaline Rush On Tap
Rock-Solid Build
Relatively Low-Lying Handlebars
EY3 Is Bright But Beginning To Look Old
A Brighter High-Mounted Headlight Would Serve Better
Technical Specifications
Tested Top Speed:
58.3 mph**
Tested Range:
59.5 mi**
104 lb**
Max Rider Weight:
265 lb
Water Resistance:
2.2 s
**Based on our independent performance tests which may differ from manufacturer’s claims.
The Minimotors Dualtron Thunder II is available in United States from VORO Motors.
Our content is indepedent, but buying through our links may earn us a comission.

Dualtron Thunder II

When it first premiered, this was THE Dualtron scooter to beat. It was fast, modern, and felt like it was built for the long haul. However, the price was (and still remains) quite hefty, making it a reserve for speed enthusiasts, grand tourers, and adventurers. Today, Minimotors have bigger and more powerful beasts. However, there’s still some benefit to saving $2696 and getting the Thunder 2 over the most powerful scooter ever, which just happens to be another Dualtron.

The most exciting feature of the Thunder II electric scooter is probably the Double Click throttle. This feature is becoming more commonplace with performance scooters of the day, but the Thunder was among the early adopters. In double-click mode, you unleash the full 10,000 watts of motor power, which is enough to blast through any hill and zip past vehicle traffic, not to mention the sheer thrill of it. The twin 30 amp controllers are thermally coupled to the deck allowing the heat sinks to stay cool even after this blast of power.

The Dualtron Thunder II was also the reigning range champ for a brief moment. The 72v, 2880 wh battery with energy-dense LG 21700 cells gave us a whopping 59.5 miles of range on our challenging RG range-test course. This remains the 3rd longest on our database and more than enough for most people’s average range needs. The ultra-modern large rubber deck, the 11-inch tubeless tires, and the adjustable shocks all ensure the ride feels good, so you can seize the full range of benefits.


The tubeless tires are puncture-proof with a stretchy soft rubber coating bonded to the insides of the tire, ensuring no pressure loss following tire penetration. However, should you need to do a tire change, the wheels are mounted on solid rims that are easy to separate from the motors, making for a relatively easy tire change. As for the suspension, the Thunder II features adjustable rubber cartridges. You can swap this out to your desired stiffness level. Rubber shocks are lighter than hydraulic shocks and help keep the scooter’s weight manageable. They also have damping that keeps the scooter from bouncing over hard bumps.

The electric scooter’s speed and acceleration are race-worthy–58.6 mph of tested top speed, with a 4.4-second acceleration to 30 mph. The Thunder II was also the 4th fastest scooter to the top of our 200ft 10% hill test with a 6.7-second climb. And, when it comes to braking, the NUTT hydraulic brakes brought the scooter to a halt from 15 mph in just 10.1 ft. Note that this distance could be shortened by removing the rear kick plate to allow for a better riding stance and, subsequently, a more aggressive braking style.

The rest is just the icing on the cake, like the incredibly beefy side stand, the overall lighting profile, and the exciting Eco-mode. A few things to call out that have mostly been resolved in more modern versions of the Dualtron performance scooters are the classic Dualtron stem creak, the rattly fender, the short handlebar height, and a sub-optimal max rider weight limit. That said, the Thunder II’s performance and good ride quality remain a steal at this price.

The Ultimate BumbleBee
Vsett 11+ Super 72 - $4299
Air 2022Air 2023
Excellent Suspension and Handling
Excellent Stability at Top Speed
One of the Best Headlights We’ve Seen
Long Folding Time
The New Display Isn’t Included (But At Least It’s Not Expensive)
The Black and Yellow color Scheme is not for Everyone
Technical Specifications
Tested Top Speed:
54.9 mph*
Tested Range:
47.4 mi*
128 lb*
Max Rider Weight:
330 lb*
Water Resistance:
1.9 s*
**Based on our independent performance tests which may differ from manufacturer’s claims.
The Vsett 11+ Super 72 is available in United States from Alien Rides.
Our content is indepedent, but buying through our links may earn us a comission.

Vsett 11+ Super 72

The Vsett 11+ Super 72 is the biggest and most powerful Vsett electric scooter. It derives its name from the 11-inch tires and the 72 V battery. Aesthetically, it looks like its predecessors, the Vsett 10+ and the Zero 11 X. However, ergonomically, it is a huge step up from both and one of the reasons why you should really consider copping yourself a Super 72. More to that, of the scooters on our list, this one has the lightest, sportiest feel.

It’s powerful, but so are all the other electric scooters on this list. The Super 72 stands out in the feel of the ride, and here’s why. It has large 11-inch by 3.7-inch inner tube tires that are partly responsible for the smooth ride. To add to the ride comfort, you also have dual rear hydraulic shocks with incredible damping, especially when going over bumps. The swing arms are longer, further adding to the suspension travel.

Still, on the ride quality, the Vsett 11+ has high-speed stability that rivals that of the Wolf King GT Pro. Both electric scooters have dual stem installations that offer unparalleled stability at speed–our resident physicist Paul explained that it has to do with wider weight distribution giving the forks more inertia, making them more resistant to head shake (Crickets? Watch the video review, Paul does a good visual). In addition, the wider swing arms and the rounded tire profile give the Vsett an edge in cornering ability.

The Vsett’s ergonomics also add to the ride feel. For instance, the new optional center display is larger, brighter and gives an overall better viewing of ride metrics. But not just that, it also improves throttle ergonomics as you can adjust the trigger throttle to move closer to the brakes, so you’re not doing that infamous finger split we experience on many of the electric scooters we test. We also have the roomy 21-inch by 10.1-inch deck that offers riders plenty of room to shift stance, with added (albeit not as comfortable) room on the aluminum, silicon-padded footrest.

There are smaller things that add to the scooter’s overall great feeling ride like the turn signal buttons well integrated into the grips, the grips themselves, the Single/Dual motor buttons with light indicators, a Sport mode button with a power boost, the huge mid-mounted headlight, a rearview mirror (first of its kind), flush-mounted charging ports, 2 1.5 amp chargers included in your purchase, and the accessories box that you can use to store your chargers or other essentials on the go.

That said, we know numbers are important to most people interested in race scooters, so here we go. The Super 72 electric scooter hit a top speed of 54.9 mph, a tie with the NAMI BURN-E 2 Max and our 7th-highest recorded max speed. It gave us the 4th quickest acceleration to 15 mph at 1.9 seconds and kept up pace to reach 30 mph in 6th place with an ultra-short run of 4.5 seconds. Range-wise, tested in extreme performance mode, occasionally engaging Sport mode, we got 47.4 miles. And the scooter also excelled on hills, reaching the top of our 200 ft, 10% hill in just 7.3 seconds.

Braking is not at par with other scooters in its class, stopping from 15 mph in 11.5 ft. However, we feel that tuning the regen braking to the top and braking aggressively could improve that number. It is also the 3rd heaviest scooter we’ve tested at 125.2 lbs, but that’s expected of all beast-mode scooters. The black and yellow color scheme is also not for everyone. That said, should you decide to get yourself the Super 72 electric scooter, ensure to get yours from Alien Rides, as they offer a longer warranty compared to other retailers.

The Record-Breaker
BURN-E - $4499
Air 2022Air 2023
Great Performance Value For Your Money
Smooth And Comfortable Ride
One Of The Three Premium Scooters From The Nami Range
Exotic Looks–With A Cool Factor
Dreaded Dead Zone In Throttle
You Might Pinch Your Finger When Lifting The Scooter
The Short Brake Cable Calls For Caution When Folding The Scooter.
Technical Specifications
Tested Top Speed:
58.8 mph**
Tested Range:
53.3 mi**
103 lb**
Max Rider Weight:
330 lb
Water Resistance:
1.6 s
**Based on our independent performance tests which may differ from manufacturer’s claims.
The NAMI BURN-E is available in United States from Fluid Freeride.
Our content is indepedent, but buying through our links may earn us a comission.


The NAMI BURN-E is RG’s most celebrated record-breaker. When we first got our hands on the BURN-E, it broke 13 of RG’s performance test records and still holds the titles for a couple of those tests. The BURN-E Viper is a labor of love and was the first production in a line of some of the most beloved performance scooters, the incredible NAMIs. Currently, we have the more expensive BURN-E 2 Max, the less expensive BURN-E 2, and the affordable-ish NAMI KLIMA Max.

The original NAMI, though starting to age a little in scooter years, remains one of the best options for anyone looking to get a performance beast. The numbers keep up with the most powerful scooters we’ve tested, and this beast especially excels in hill climbing and acceleration. From 0 to 15, all the way to 40, there’s no scooter quicker than the BURN-E. The BURN-E 2 Max outpaces the original BURN E to 25 mph and 30 mph, but ultimately, to top speed, the BURN E regains its lead and takes home the crown. It has an impressive 0-15 time of 1.6 seconds and an even more impressive 5.7 seconds to 40 mph.

On hills, we already expect dual motor scooters to outperform every other scooter, but the BURN-E rules them all. It retains the record for the fastest hill climb on our 200ft 10% hill climb with a 6.3-second climb at an average speed of 21.9 mph. But it’s not just fast on hills–the BURN-E gave us top speeds of up to 58.8 mph, making it the 5th fastest scooter on our database.

The BURN-E also broke the range record when it first premiered but has since been overtaken by 3 of Minimotors’ Dualtron beasts and the Wolf King GT. However, at 53.3 miles, the BURN-E still has way more range than most people require. And even better is that the 2880 wh battery is fitted with Panasonic cells, so you’re guaranteed battery longevity. Be warned that once the battery drops to 30%, the scooter goes into ECO mode and limits your speed to 17 mph–but that’s an easy fix on the P-settings, which Paul demonstrates in the official video review.

Performance aside, the scooter is also a show-stopper. It has a remarkable hand-welded tubular frame and carbon fiber stem that really stands out aesthetics-wise. Founder, Michael Sha, has made this rugged look signature for all subsequent NAMIs. The BURN-E has a large display that is not as bright as we’d like it to be, though subsequent models do a better job. It is fitted with a thumb throttle, the one with the infamous dead zone. However, we do appreciate the sinewave motor controllers that give you more control over your ride, are more silent in operation, and improve overall performance.

The ride feels fantastic thanks to the 11-inch by 3.5-inch tubeless tires. The smooth ride is further amplified by the 2-way adjustable suspension. You can adjust rebound damping by turning the red knob clockwise or anticlockwise. And you can adjust the spring preload to suit your weight and riding style. The deck is optimal for your steering. Tall riders will also greatly appreciate the tall handlebars that sit 42 inches above the deck. The grips are awesome, with clamps at the end to keep them from moving.

We called out some of the things we didn’t particularly like about the original BURN-E, which NAMI has rectified (some) in subsequent models. For instance, the length of the brake cable posed a challenge when folding the scooter, the shipping package arrived mangled, we thought the scooter could have benefited from a better steering stop, and there was the issue of potential finger pinch where most people naturally grab when lifting the scooter. But, even with all of that, the original BURN-E remains hands down one of the best electric scooters that ever scooted.

A Really Expensive Scooter
Dualtron Storm Limited - $5199
Air 2022Air 2023
Excellent Build Quality
Long Range 
A Big Roomy Deck
Adjustable Suspension
Tricky Mid-Corner Throttle (You Have To Be Careful Applying Throttle Mid Corner)
It’s The Most Expensive Scooter We’ve Ever Tested
Short Creaky Stem (But Both Of Those Are Easy To Fix)
Technical Specifications
Tested Top Speed:
59.9 mph*
Tested Range:
66.8 mi*
111 lb*
Max Rider Weight:
330 lb*
Water Resistance:
1.9 s*
**Based on our independent performance tests which may differ from manufacturer’s claims.
The Minimotors Dualtron Storm Limited is available in United States from VORO Motors.
Our content is indepedent, but buying through our links may earn us a comission.

Minimotors Dualtron Storm Limited

At $5200, the Dualtron Storm is not the most expensive electric scooter but it is still quite pricey. In fact, till we got the X Limited, it was the most expensive scooter we’d ever tested. However, we think the price is more than justified for a high-end electric scooter with this level of build and the insane raw power you get from the dual motors. Let’s look at the Storm in finer detail.

First, the Storm Limited e-scooter has an 84V 3780 wh battery made with premium LG 21700 cells. Before the X Ltd, this was our largest battery, and by a huge margin. It is 67% bigger than the one on the base model, the 72 V Storm. And, fully charged, we even saw an indicated voltage of 96.6 v! The battery is not removable like the one on the Storm, seeing as its weight would be somewhere around 50 lbs, compared to 29.6 lbs on the base Storm. The result? A 3-hour range test–66.8 miles, ridden in peak performance mode.

The Storm Limited has a peak power of 11500 w. Usually, the controllers run 45 amps to each motor. However, like the Vsett and the Thunder II, this scooter has a double-click throttle that pushes 60 amps of power to each motor. The double-click function is no doubt thrilling, but it also causes a 2/10th of a second delay in the performance times, as we’ll highlight in the acceleration and hill climb. That said, with the right level of control, this is as much adrenaline as most people can safely handle.

The ride ergonomics have also been optimized for fast riding. The infamous Dualtron stem creak is gone thanks to a third bolt that was added at the base of the Storm Limited. In addition, it comes with a steering damper to increase stability at speed. You also get a trigger throttle, though with the outdated EY3 throttle. The bright side is that this type of throttle has no dead zone, and seeing as the scooter runs on squarewave controllers, there’s no delay in power delivery. And, for a scooter that goes as fast as the Storm Limited, we’re also glad that the grips feel glued down, ensuring better control.

Speaking of speed, the Storm Limited e-scooter came very close to dethroning the Wolf King GT as speed champ but maxed out at 59.9 mph to become our third-fastest scooter. The acceleration times take a slight hit from the double click action but the scooter is still extremely quick to 30mph at 4.2 seconds. It suffers the same plight on hills, with a 7.3-second climb to the top. Braking from the NUTT brakes is world-class at 10.5 ft. And, let’s not also forget that the Storm Limited records the 2nd fastest average range speed at 22.8 mph, behind the NAMI KLIMA Max at 23.4 mph and ahead of the X Limited at 22.5 mph.

Something worth mentioning is that the Storm Limited has the longest deck of the scooters we’ve tested. It measures 23.5 inches by 12.3 inches, giving the rider enough room to change stances for ultimate control. Another interesting fact is that while the deck clearance is set at 8.3 inches, it is adjustable if this feels too tall for your liking. You can do this by adjusting how the swingarms interact with the rubber cartridges, then adjusting the height of the kickstand to match the scooter’s new height.

The rubber shocks are adjustable–you can switch out the cartridges to your preferred stiffness. However, you should beware that they feel softer with progressive riding. They work with the 11-inch tubeless pneumatic tires to deliver a smooth ride. The tires are flat-resistant and use a heavy self-sealing coat to keep the tires from losing pressure following penetration. Also, they have removable rims that make tire change easy should you ever need to or if you simply want to switch to tires with better traction (you might need it to increase grip and improve performance numbers).

The Storm Limited does not have app control, but you get a remote to customize your swag lights. The 4-amp charger charges your scooter in 11 hours, but you can get a supplementary charger to reduce that time to 5.6 hours. Finally, while the scooter has a folding stem and retractable handlebars and is one of the few beasts with a deck latch, the 115.4 lbs heavily affect portability, but that’s something you expect going in.

One Beast to Rule Them All
Dualtron X Limited - $6995
Air 2022Air 2023
Longest Range We’ve Ever Tested
Highest Top Speed We’ve Tested
Best Ride Quality For Long Range Riding - By Far
The Best Headlights For Riding At Night
It’s Heavy
It’s Expensive
Again It’s Heavy
Technical Specifications
Tested Top Speed:
61.7 mph*
Tested Range:
86.4 mi*
183 lb*
Max Rider Weight:
330 lb*
Water Resistance:
1.8 s*
**Based on our independent performance tests which may differ from manufacturer’s claims.
The Minimotors Dualtron X Limited is available in United States from VORO Motors.
Our content is indepedent, but buying through our links may earn us a comission.

Minimotors Dualtron X Limited

We save the best for last, and not just because it’s the most expensive scooter we’ve tested. No. It’s because the Dualtron X Limited is actually the best electric scooter there is. In our official review, we called it the biggest and the baddest–and that stands. I mean, for starters, no other e-scooter has been delivered on a pallet, in a box, wrapped in plastic, and strapped in a cage. And once you’re done unboxing it, the madness continues.

The X Limited, like the Storm Limited, has an 84 V battery. However, with the X Limited, you get a massive 5040 wh primary battery, which gave us an insane 86.4 miles of tested range–equalling 3 hours and 57 minutes of aggressive riding on our challenging RG range test course. Did you notice we said primary? Well, that’s because the lights (and there are many) are powered by a supplementally 12 V, 192 Wh battery–which is bigger than the batteries on some popular commuters, e.g., the Segway ES1.

Next, the X Limited electric scooter has the highest peak power of any of our scooters. In peak performance mode, the motors run at 13,400 W. Now, with that much power comes the need for a robust cooling system, which the X Limited achieves with the red heat sinks with air scoops seen along the deck and a secondary air scoop that runs through the bottom of the deck. This power becomes quite apparent on hills, with the X Limited crushing our 200ft, 10% hill in a mere 6.9 seconds, and that’s despite its 182.6 lbs.

This super scooter is also super fast. It is the fastest electric scooter in our database. The X-Limited maxed out at 61.7 mph, surpassing the former speed champ, the Wolf King GT. It also gets to 30 mph incredibly fast–we took ours to 30 mph in just 4.1 seconds. It comes in safe mode, so you must get the scooter out of that state to unleash its raw power–pull on the brake levers before you throttle, switch to zero-start, and adjust your Psettings from mild. The best part is that at speed, this Dualtron remains stable, thanks to the ultra-solid stem and, in part, thanks to the steering damper.

The ride quality is through the roof–literally. For fast riding, there’s nothing better than the X Limited. The massive deck gives you all the playroom in the world (not literally). The large 13-inch tubeless tires roll over obstacles like a dream. They are also super wide at 5 inches, giving you a greater contact patch with the ground for actions like cornering, braking, hill climbing, etc. To crown that experience, you also have hydraulic shocks with adjustable rebound damping that feel like they have endless travel. 

The X Limited is also big on safety. It has 5 headlights shooting a total of 8000 lumens down your path. Then there’s the over-the-top swag lights and highly visible turn and brake lights. The scooter also has 4-piston NUTT brakes that guarantee a safe and precise stop should you need it. And unlike previous Dualtrons, the X Limited comes with an app that allows an insane level of ride customization, including ABS, cruise control, zero start, lights, and locking or unlocking the scooter.

Finally, while all the scooters on this list fail in portability, the X Limited takes it a notch higher. It has the highest weight, leaving the runner-up by about 60 lbs. This makes tasks as simple as pushing your scooter up a curb near impossible. But not just that, the folding mechanism also requires tools to fold down should you need to, and if we’re being honest, that means you’ll probably always bypass folding it.

But as sure as 1 plus 1 equals 2, the Dualtron X Limited is the most majestic scooter we’ve had the pleasure of ‘knowing’.

The Most Expensive Electric Scooters Conclusion

Our list is short and precise–5 of the most expensive electric scooters, and we’ve tested them all. These are powerful scooters, and they are built to last. They carry all the bells and whistles, and bigger is always better when it comes to this class of scooters. That said, for the price, you need to have expert riding skills; otherwise, you might fail to get the full benefits of the scooter.

Minimotors have obviously nailed this down to a routine–they don’t even need the competition; they are their own competition. However, NAMI is a brand to watch out for in this space, as their superpower is that they know to iron out their kinks and give more power while stretching the dollar. The Vsetts are performance scooters, and we’re glad to finally see them dancing with the beasts.

Now, here’s what each of the scooters does best:

  • The Thunder II at its current price gives you the most bang for your back, as its performance is on trend with the rest, without costing as much.
  • The Vsett 11 Super 72 has the best handling and top-notch ride quality.
  • The NAMI BURN-E has crazy torque and the best acceleration and hill climbing of any scooter we’ve tested
  • The Storm Limited has the only removable battery–adding to its safety and the scooter’s charging convenience.
  • Finally, the Dualtron X Limited has the longest range, the best top speed, and is an overall masterpiece.

At the end of the day, when spending more than $3000 on an e-scooter, you should get exactly what you want, and at this higher end of the market, compromises should be extremely scarce. We hope this article nudges you toward the big boys club. If not, watch out for our upcoming review on the fastest electric scooters and the most powerful electric scooters. Meanwhile, are you looking for the best electric scooters for long-distance cruising? Here’s an article that might interest you.


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